Sweet Blogger Friends…I’ve been promising a lovely update along with some giant news!!  At long last, I sit here…no meetings, no picking trips and no school for the kids!  Which means I have a fantastic five minutes to myself before I need to get to project #10,652, lol!

And so, as I’ve said before, 2016 will be EPIC!!!  My one little word of the year is GROW and let me tell you, I started off the year with my feet hitting the ground running!  My baby business has been one of the most joyful experiences I’ve ever had!  The part that I’ve cherished the most are the delish customers-turned-friends…what a blessed Brave Girl I am!! As many of you know, 2015 started off with a business expansion and a booth space at Tour de Junque in Mechanicsville.  My mentor, Lisa Spangler, (quite possibly the most patient person on the planet) took me under her wing and taught me the junking, picking, antiquing of it all…generous, loving soul!!  At the end of the month/first of February, we celebrate the one year anniversary of the opening of her store!! Time flies!

And at the beginning of December, I had an opportunity to further expand my baby biz…I became a Daisy at the Lazy Daisy Gift Store in Midlothian,  Which means an all new 8×10 booth to fill with lovelies, both bought and made here in the Soulfulheart Designs studio!  HUGE step of faith for me as well as my family who make many sacrifices to enable me to focus some of my Mum/Wife time to the business.

Please come down and visit my booths at both Tour de Junque as well as Lazy Daisy in Midlothian!  And finally, I have a gigantic list of dear ones to thank for their overwhelming support!  My hubs, Big Daddy and my kiddos Ethan, Zach, Alex, Mikaela and Rachel, my mentor Lisa Spangler and overall amazing chum, my bestie Dawn for her business advice, loving support and for the whole idea in the first place, my other bestie Sue for the beautiful sign she made for my “boof” and for the MANY hours of work she put in helping me prep and get the booth open on time and especially to Michelle, the owner of Lazy Daisy for taking a chance on this crazy Daisy!!! I know I’ve neglected to thank a thousand others, but please know that you all occupy giant chunks of my heart and soul!

Buckle in, Bloggers…this is gonna be a FANTASTIC ride!!! P.S. – Did I mention that we’re selling our house?  Someone may need to save me from myself!!

Loves and hugs!!!

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One thought on “AT LAST!!! THE BIG NEWS!!!

  1. You give a little glitter and a ton of sparkle to every person you meet. So proud of you and so thankful you are my friend. Love that you are following your dream and can’t wait for more EPIC adventures in 2016. Your creativity and passion inspire me every day.
    Congrats friend.

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