Growing Pains!!

Bloggety friends and Soulfulheart Chums!!  I spent the last 6 hours on the computer, updating my poor, neglected website!!  Yes, it should have taken me about an hour…but for a technophobe like me, this isn’t too bad, lol!  My kids are having a good laugh at my expense. Friends, this is really hard work for me.  And I’m determined, in true Brave Girl fashion, to persevere and live this life, really, really inspired.  I spent yesterday in the garage with Ethan, my son/CFO, taking inventory.  Honestly, we lovingly call him the CFNo.  One of his main jobs is to keep this dreamer in check.  Left to my own devices, I’d buy and restore the world.  He gently reminds me that I’m inventory-heavy and for heavens sake, to keep my margins LOW!!  So I thought I’d take a break and work on paperwork and the long-awaited website.  I’m ever so glad I did!!  It feels WONDERFUL to be back!  Please forgive me as I resize photos and move stuff around…we’re truly a work in progress!  Loves and hugs!!

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