My Head Is Spinning…!!

Dearest Blog Friends,

Oh, it’s been another long stretch and I’ve been aching to jump on here and post some updates!

Tomorrow morning I’m off on an adventure with the most talented photographer on the planet, Dawn Hobbs.  I may be a wee bit biased as she’s also a BEST bestie!  Dawn is the photographer/owner of Oh! Shoot Photography ( as well as a founding member of our creative tribe.  When Dawn and I met a few weeks ago, I told her how much I wanted to post more photos on Facebook, Etsy, on the website, Twitter and the like, but my awful photography skills were preventing me from sharing.  Can anyone relate?  I have the very best of intentions, but when I get my eyes behind the camera, something seems to go badly wrong and yikes!!  I wind up with overexposed, underexposed, fuzzy, funky photos!  So Dawn proposed another lovely product shoot with herself behind the camera.  Oh, sweet relief!!!  I can’t explain how much I’m looking forward to seeing my treats in the hands of a creative that EXCELS in coaxing out the very best “side” in all that she photographs!  And I can’t wait to share it all with you as well!

In the meantime, here’s what’s been on my work table:  I put together over 100 new floral ensembles as gifts for a trio of girlfriends’ new business venture.  You can read more about these beautiful, brave women here:

As soon as I finished the ensembles, I grabbed my soldering iron and jewelry tools and made 20 necklaces.  I’m DYING to share them with you, but we’re waiting for the pro pics (see above, lol!).  All I’m saying is…vintage inspired, rhinestones, glitter and affirmations.  {sigh}

And in the midst of jewelry making, I received THE MOST DELICIOUS news!  One of my canvases was being published!!  In fact, just this past weekend, I received my advance copy of Somerset Studio Gallery, the Summer 2014 edition.  Here’s a sneak peek at the mag cover and my canvas on Page 105:



And as soon as I had word on the publication, I got a wonderful email from a dear friend, Melinda.  Her daughter was graduating from school with her masters degree and she wanted a unique gift(s) for her.  After Melinda and I did some brainstorming, we decided that a canvas would be a great gift for graduation day and a scrapbook of her 2 year school journey for her graduation party would be in order.   Oh, my…this turned into a gigantic project for all of us!  Melinda had to compile hundreds of photos, scraps of memorabilia and Facebook entries in one week…and I had the dubious honor of assembling it all in 10 days.  The grand total:  3 scrapbooks (one was simple, 45 pages for Facebook posts) and the other (2) 12″x12″ scrapbooks were fully decorated…about 80 pages in total.  And friends, I enjoyed every single minute of chopping and adhering!!  Blissed out!!

And now I’m back to dreaming and painting in the studio and just completed 2 canvases to mail out to my darling nephew and niece in New Jersey.

Stay tuned for more pics and projects!!!

Sending loves and hugs!

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