Leaning into the Moment…

Happy August, dear Blog Friends!

My girlfriend, Dawn and I meet weekly for our business meetings. We take business and personal inspiration classes together and we exercise together. And the more that we meet, the more I’m convinced that there are no clear lines of separation between our businesses, personal growth and daily health. They’re woven together, right? We find that when we’re shaky on one, the others suffer as well. And Dawn and I have been working HARD on finding a balance between the 3. We want to be successful businesswomen, wives, mothers, friends and individuals. By individuals, I mean successful and proud of ourselves, for ourselves. And sometimes, being successful and proud of ourselves is the hardest of all.

So Dawn reminded me on my last business success to stop and lean into the moment. To really enjoy and savor the excitement, the risk, the vulnerability of putting pieces of yourself and your work “out there” and finding that another kindred spirit recognized themselves in you. It’s a beautiful, overwhelming, joyous, swooping feeling in your heart. And it’s a beautiful, soulful moment.

Thank you, dearest Dawn, for the reminder!!

Sweet friends, take the time to lean way, way in.

5 thoughts on “Leaning into the Moment…

  1. Dawn is a very special woman with a lot of wisdom. We are very. Proud of her and love her very much.

  2. I like the idea of taking time to savor the success of the moment. I find so often that I am on to the next thing, without really taking time to appreciate the milestone I just reached. I remember how exciting it was to have 100 friends like my art page! And the first time someone wanted me to write a little bit about myself for their blog. Like, imagine that anyone would be interested in reading something about me! But the more it happens, the less I seem to notice. Thanks for giving me a cause to stop and notice and keep it real. I look forward to all of your successes. Thanks for writing this awesome post!

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