A Loving Thank You…

The generosity and love and sacrifice of some, never fails to touch the deepest recesses of my heart.  I’ve got a lovely story to share.  It’s a short story about my dear girlfriend – we’ll call her Betty.  Betty has one of those unflappable demeanors.  She’s cooler than cool, sophisticated and highly intelligent.  And beneath that cultured, cool exterior lies a secret;  she’s SO compassionate that her heart is gooey!!  She’s a closet mush-ball!!  And this I love SO much about her.

Betty has recently had some major life upsets.  She may be forced to move out of her apartment by her nefarious landlord and move away from her home of over 20 years and her beloved city.  Betty has had to contend with hostile work crews, indifferent bureaucrats and city officials, in addition to incredibly unsafe living conditions.

And yet, amidst the chaos, her compassion shines like a beacon for other lost souls!  One example is her effort to help her elderly neighbor, Timmy.  Timmy suffers from a myriad of health problems in addition to dementia.  Betty has worked tirelessly to care for Timmy in conjunction with social services and his nursing help.  Since the landlord shut down the elevators, Betty makes the time to walk Timmy’s companion dog, deliver home cooked meals to him, pay for (and take) the dog to the groomers and run interference between Timmy and the landlord.  And she just bought Timmy a vacuum for his apartment – his had broken months ago and he had no money for a new one.

And while these gestures are selfless and loving, I think I most love the fact that Betty will NOT draw attention to what she does behind the scenes.  I have to DRAG the story out of her.  And that, dear blog friends is one of the many qualities that makes Betty drop-dead gorgeous in my eyes!  Her heart and soul are so tender, humble and loving!

Thank you to all of the Betty’s out there for your humility and gooey hearts!  You are loved more than you’ll ever know!!

Loves and hugs!!

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