Time To Relax? NO!!

Sweet friends – I’m not sure where to begin!!  I have 5 old blog articles I’ve written on paper in the past 5 months and they’re all hopelessly outdated!

Let’s make a long story short…in late December, my girlfriend, Lisa Schmitz Spangler, opened an awesome antiques/junque shop (www.facebook.com/tourdejunque) in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  She VERY graciously invited me to put some of my Flights of Fancy product in the shop.  And I sold those items!  And more…and more…you see where this is going, right?

And in addition to my work at Tour de Junque, I’ve been busily wielding my paintbrushes, making canvases and pieces for my first EVER art show at Stir Crazy Cafe (www.facebook.com/pages/Stir-Crazy-Cafe).  Eeeeeeekkk!!

If you didn’t see the posts on Facebook, my collection is on display (and for sale, lol) at Stir Crazy for the month of July.

Let me tell you – the shows are NOT for the feint of heart, dear ones!!  My to-do list:  paint a canvas, order new biz cards, paint a canvas, beg my best friend for a headshot photo shoot *see disclaimer, paint a canvas, beg my bestie to ALSO make invites and posters, paint a canvas, distribute invites and posters, paint a canvas…and that’s only the first week or so of prep!!

Regrets:  not a single one.  NOT ONE!!!  This fantastic roller coaster ride of owning a small, creative business is just that:  FANTASTIC!!  Emotional, draining, energizing, scary, exciting, up/down.  And I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

Before I sign off, I wanted to thank my understanding and supportive family and hubs, the world’s greatest friend AND photographer, Dawn Hobbs of OH! Shoot Photography (www.facebook.com/ohshootphoto), and especially Stir Crazy’s owner Claire and manager Bert, for giving this old hopeful a chance!!

Many, many loves and hugs!!

*P.S. – Disclaimer:  I never begged Dawn, lol!!  She insisted on my headshot photo shoot as well as making my invites and posters in the middle of her busiest season yet!!  Seriously love her!!

They really DO come true!!
They really DO come true!!
Some summertime fun at Tour de Junque
Some summertime fun at Tour de Junque
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